A #1 2011 class picture

J #2 2011 class picture

I could not love these dear little faces more.


We all enjoyed #2’s parent-teacher conference last evening.  We sat at the tiny tables in his 4k classroom and talked about what he’s been doing in school, what he likes best, the progress he’s made.  His teacher is pleased with his efforts, and enjoys having him in her class.

At the end, he asked if we were going to start the conference!  Apparently he thought it was some other, very serious thing, not the lovely chat he enjoyed so much.

We emerged to a dead car battery.  The kind AAA man gave us a jump, after carefully cleaning off an absurd amount of corrosion on one of the battery terminals.  We got home so late, it’s a good thing there is no school today!   #2 took advantage of the lazy morning to catch up on his reading.

Kicking back with a book

Aegean Blue
This is the color we’ve chosen for the powder room.

Peaceful blue, with just a hint of green.  A little less blue than robin’s egg, a little deeper than Tiffany blue.

It took nearly two dozen paint samples and several hours of deliberation.  I selected the stain for the floors in the entire house in minutes.  Why was this one tiny room so difficult?

And how will I ever make a decision on the living room?

It’s so easy to start second-guessing.  I need to go with my instincts.

I am seriously considering getting the boys a kitten.

Have I lost my mind?

I’d love for them to get to name a pet, experience kittenish fun, and have it grow up along with them.

Secretly, see, I want a dog! But a cat would be low maintenance, comparatively, especially since we’ve got two already.

After losing Zevo earlier this year, the ratio of humans to cats has gone from 2:1 to 3:1, and it feels off.

It doesn’t help that friends keep posting and e-mailing about the strays they’re fostering who need homes. Like Space Kitten:

Space Kitten

I haven’t had a kitten for almost 20 years. Might be fun.