What the internet dragged in

So what if I’m old enough to be his mother?

I’d want to lick his face, too.


I am decluttering my virtual desktop, including the 61 tabs I’ve got open.  To wit:

The continuing exploits of the pepper-spraying cop.

Jesus vs. Doctor Who.

Bottled carbonated cocktails.

Ezra Pound Cake.

West Side Story flash mob.

IKEA’s small-space solutions.

Adam Lambert standing in for Freddie Mercury with Queen at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

How the GOP became the party of the rich.

The corporate pledge of allegiance.

Pomegranate-flavored toothpaste.

High line?  Low line.

Paul Newman.

Colored pencils video.

Kolkata – filthy gorgeous.






I love browsers with multiple tabs.  Problem is, I love them a little too much.  I have so many tabs up that their icons don’t display.  In not one but two windows.  This must change.  Therefore:

  • Who are the 99%?  They aren’t demanding to bring democracy into the workplace via large-scale unionization, much less shorter work days and more pay.  They aren’t talking the language of mid-twentieth century liberalism, where everyone puts on blindfolds and cuts slices of pie to share.  The 99% looks too beaten down to demand anything as grand as “fairness” in their distribution of the economy.  There’s no calls for some sort of post-industrial personal fulfillment in their labor – very few even invoke the idea that a job should “mean something.”  It’s straight out of antiquity – free us from the bondage of our debts and give us a basic ability to survive.
  • The Mixed-Race Project.
  • I heart Neil Gaiman, who now has a tumblr to go with his blog and his tweets.  “I think there should be an Occupy Gallifrey. “Because 0.000001% of the people have 99.99999% of the Time.”
  • Good wine under $20.
  • There is a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Philadelphia!
  • When I was a child, we had a doorway puppet theatre that mounted easily with a tension rod.  This is sweeter.
  • Whole Paycheck now posts coupons on their website.
  • Ideas for displaying art in the bathroom.  Between now and Thanksgiving, we will finally complete our first floor powder room, which has been plumbed in for two years, but has a shower curtain where a wall/door should be.  When it’s done, I’d like it to be beautiful.
  • Another cool decorating idea – DIY giant Scrabble tiles.
  • I love this fabric, but have no use for it whatsoever.
  • I love Michael Lewis and baseball and Bob Costas, so I want to watch this.  Wonder if it’s available on demand?
  • I hate flossing.  Would flossing with air be better?  Or is that really just a bastardized Waterpik?
  • How to help your child’s brain grow up strong.
  • I have some furniture that needs to be recovered.  I have fantasies of doing it myself.
  • I also have fantasies of having a perfectly clean house.  Sigh.
  • Yes, I do suffer from decision fatigue.  It’s almost as bad as the tab fatigue.