This weekend has been a pile of blah.

#2’s fever, which began Thursday afternoon, has meant lots of couch time for both of us.  I left work early Friday to take him to the pediatrician when his temperature climbed to 104.6, then came home and kept him company, fed him some Tylenol, made him toast, got him cups of water.

I was on #2 patrol Saturday morning, too, while the spousage took #1 to aikido and acting class.  I did manage to color my hair (while simultaneously refilling the printer’s ink cartridges) yesterday, but only one of those endeavors proved successful.  I suppose I should be glad it was my hair.

We had a nice dinner at a newish Korean restaurant, Wajoe (which replaced the disappointing Korean restaurant, Miran).  It was a farewell to cousin R., who is heading off to Korea to teach English for a year.   #1 loved the steamed beef dumplings and dolsot bibimbap, and was greatly amused by the grill built into the table; the spousage and I shared some bulgogi just so he could have the BBQ experience.

I could not fall asleep last night.  Watched TV, surfed the net, read a book.  Finally dropped off sometime after 2 AM, which meant that I was in no way ready to be awake when the boys trooped upstairs well before 8 this morning.  Ended up taking a snooze on the couch late this morning while the boys played around me.

Woke up famished and groggy.  Made the questionable decision to install the privacy film on the powder room door; got three panes covered, but ruined $15 worth of film in the process.  Now I need to go to Home Depot for another roll, but just don’t feel like it.  #2 is sleeping next to me as I type; he’s got the right idea, I think.

I hate weekends when I don’t get much accomplished.  It makes the workweek loom extra-large.

We all enjoyed #2’s parent-teacher conference last evening.  We sat at the tiny tables in his 4k classroom and talked about what he’s been doing in school, what he likes best, the progress he’s made.  His teacher is pleased with his efforts, and enjoys having him in her class.

At the end, he asked if we were going to start the conference!  Apparently he thought it was some other, very serious thing, not the lovely chat he enjoyed so much.

We emerged to a dead car battery.  The kind AAA man gave us a jump, after carefully cleaning off an absurd amount of corrosion on one of the battery terminals.  We got home so late, it’s a good thing there is no school today!   #2 took advantage of the lazy morning to catch up on his reading.

Kicking back with a book

Aegean Blue
This is the color we’ve chosen for the powder room.

Peaceful blue, with just a hint of green.  A little less blue than robin’s egg, a little deeper than Tiffany blue.

It took nearly two dozen paint samples and several hours of deliberation.  I selected the stain for the floors in the entire house in minutes.  Why was this one tiny room so difficult?

And how will I ever make a decision on the living room?

It’s so easy to start second-guessing.  I need to go with my instincts.

Does Thursday still count as midweek?  Since Monday was a holiday for the boys, and for 87% of my office building, it feels midweeky to me.  So there.

It’s cool and grey today.  My suede boots are making their first appearance of the season.

On Sunday my pal J. and I got our Groupon on at a new salon.  A spa pedicure with scrubs and lotions and hot stones and massage, and then a UV manicure.  I really use my hands, so regular polish just doesn’t last for me; plus I’m picky about how polish looks – even small nicks drive me bonkers.  Amazingly, four days in, my fingers look damn good (if I do say so myself).  At the rate it’s going, new growth will be more of an issue than damage to the tips.  Wow.
UV manicure
Glittery nude pink (the glitter explains the wee green spots on the image, above). Neutral, but fun!

I am not as fall-asleep-at-my-desk exhausted today as I was yesterday, but am not exactly a ball of energy, either.  How early do I need to go to bed in order to feel rested and refreshed at 6 AM?  How early do YOU go to bed to get enough sleep?

Yes, mateys, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Arr.

I am so sleepy this morning!  I’m still suffering the tail end of The Cold That Wouldn’t Die, so I indulged in a little Nyquil last night.  While I slept like a log, I’d really prefer to have continued doing so long after the alarm sounded.

I did get in nearly a mile’s walk this morning, through an odd series of events that began when I pulled over on Broad Street to grab some Windex at 7-11 (the inside of the windshield was so smeary that, coupled with the bright, bright rising sun, it was nearly impossible to see).  Mom Phooey didn’t hear me say I’d be right back, and drove away with my handbag and laptop in the trunk of the car.  I assumed she’d just gone around the block, but after 20+ minutes, I began to wonder.  My cell phone was in my handbag in the trunk, so I cadged a call from the 7-11 guy, but Mom didn’t answer her cell.   It was a lovely day, so I walked east to my office, stopping at my favorite food cart for a breakfast sandwich.  About the time I was sitting down at my desk, Mom Phooey called.  She was downstairs with my laptop.  When she got home, she saw my stuff and realized I hadn’t meant for her to drive off.

And now I’m working on a proposal for a government agency (can’t tell you which one, but it rhymes with rasa), and all I want to do is put my head down on the desk and nap.

* Missoni’s collection for Target includes this bicycle.  WANT.

* Everything Apple does is cool.  Here’s their new HQ.

* Iron Chef Jose Garces vs. chicken.  Chica the Chicken.

Fairy berries?

Team Neville!

* Team Snape!  Rickman on Broadway.  Must get tickets.

* Speaking of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe’s upcoming movie is super creepy!  In a good way.

* The toilet tissue needs to fall forward off the roll.  Here is a graphic which explains why.

  • Charge individuals and small businesses more, and big businesses less?  When did the tea party take control of PECO?
  • $3 fees to use my debit card for purchases?  It’ll be a cold day in hell before I pay that.  It’s a credit union, or making some room under my mattress, if my bank tries that in PA.
  • Remind me why the Democrats took the best healthcare solution off the table before the debate really even began?
  • “If the US had better and more medical coverage, people like Rick Perry could get treatment instead of working in the few venues that will have him (media, politics, religious cult) and dragging innocent citizens down with him. In the past crazy people used to have to take over a much smaller country such as Germany or Uganda to do this kind of damage.”
    – Rhoda Staff on HuffPo
  • BBC program Spooks (known in the US as MI 5) will end after its next series, set to air this fall.  I loved the first few seasons, with Matthew MacFadyen’s Tom Quinn center stage, but then fell behind after #1 was born.  I’ve never seen the Rupert Penry-Jones eps, for example.  Somehow it feels easier to catch up now that there’s an ending in sight.
  • Nivea Happy Sensation Daily Lotion smells lovely.  Like orange blossoms.  Light and not too sweet.
  • IT had my computer for quite a while this morning, to install some software and make sure yesterday’s hour+ BSOD downtime doesn’t happen again.  I took the opportunity to clean out my handbag.  Found an H&M gift card I’ve had since #2 was born (returned a baby gift, IIRC) more than four years ago.  I’m still holding a grudge since they stopped carrying my size, so I gave it to a coworker, who was thrilled.  $19.95 still goes a long way at H&M.
  • I also found many lottery tickets, which I sometimes buy but never pay attention to afterward.  I’ll have them scanned on the way home – maybe I hit a number or two here and there, though sadly not Wednesday’s $220M jackpot.
  • I love NPR, and I love Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, but I do not love this.  It’s a little creepy.  I’d rather just have his voice on my answering machine.