Philadelphia rousted the Occupy folks in the middle of the night.  The helicopters(!) woke the spousage, but I slept on through.  There was a ridiculous police presence in Rittenhouse Square on the way to work this morning, and at Love Plaza (they don’t want those pesky Occupyers setting up camp anywhere else).  Ridiculous.  I wonder how it feels for those cops, who are also part of the 99%?

I do not like the direction my country has gone, not one bit.

Things I do like:

  • #2 has taken to eating celery with peanut butter.  Protein AND a vegetable?  Woohoo!  Maybe he’ll graduate to cheese by age 10?  A mother can wish.  He doesn’t like the stringy veins of the celery, which he calls bundles, and either ignores them or demands to have them removed for him.
  • I saw not one but two movies last weekend, The Muppets (cute) and The Descendants (George Clooney is a much better actor than he is often given credit for).  I still want to see Hugo, and I’ll take #1 if he’s interested (and believes he can stay put for 2+ hours).

To:  #2’s 4k Teacher

How was he yesterday? He was EXHAUSTED when he came home from school, and pretty much napped til bedtime, waking up only to be cranky and tearful about every little thing.

He was much the same this morning, but insisted on going to school, and since he wasn’t physically sick, I agreed. I just hope he isn’t a sad crankypants for you all day.



From:  #2’s 4k Teacher
To:  Ratphooey

#1 did warn me this morning, but so far so good!!!

I am seriously considering getting the boys a kitten.

Have I lost my mind?

I’d love for them to get to name a pet, experience kittenish fun, and have it grow up along with them.

Secretly, see, I want a dog! But a cat would be low maintenance, comparatively, especially since we’ve got two already.

After losing Zevo earlier this year, the ratio of humans to cats has gone from 2:1 to 3:1, and it feels off.

It doesn’t help that friends keep posting and e-mailing about the strays they’re fostering who need homes. Like Space Kitten:

Space Kitten

I haven’t had a kitten for almost 20 years. Might be fun.

Seven years ago tonight I was trying to watch the season premiere of Without a Trace.

I was in the hospital, having given birth to #1 earlier in the day.  He was off lounging in the tanning bed receiving phototherapy for mild jaundice.  The spousage had gone home to get a full night’s sleep, which I sorely needed myself, having been awake more or less for four days at that point (ever since my water broke late Sunday night).

As I recall, the episode began with a steamy scene between two of the characters, but even that couldn’t keep me awake.  I slept soundly for an hour or two until a nurse returned my wee son to me, all five pounds and a few ounces of him.

He was such a beautiful baby – big eyes, round head, a whisper of dark, downy hair.  And now he’s a beautiful boy.  Still has big eyes.

If the Jesuit saying holds true, he’ll be a fine man, I think.  Smart, yes, but kind, too.  Cautious but enthusiastic.  Generous and affectionate.  Occasionally impatient, but deeply ethical.

It is both a great challenge a great pleasure to be his mother.  Seven years ago, I had no idea how much, of either.  I think we are both looking forward to the next seven!