Daily Archives: November 13, 2011

This weekend has been a pile of blah.

#2’s fever, which began Thursday afternoon, has meant lots of couch time for both of us.  I left work early Friday to take him to the pediatrician when his temperature climbed to 104.6, then came home and kept him company, fed him some Tylenol, made him toast, got him cups of water.

I was on #2 patrol Saturday morning, too, while the spousage took #1 to aikido and acting class.  I did manage to color my hair (while simultaneously refilling the printer’s ink cartridges) yesterday, but only one of those endeavors proved successful.  I suppose I should be glad it was my hair.

We had a nice dinner at a newish Korean restaurant, Wajoe (which replaced the disappointing Korean restaurant, Miran).  It was a farewell to cousin R., who is heading off to Korea to teach English for a year.   #1 loved the steamed beef dumplings and dolsot bibimbap, and was greatly amused by the grill built into the table; the spousage and I shared some bulgogi just so he could have the BBQ experience.

I could not fall asleep last night.  Watched TV, surfed the net, read a book.  Finally dropped off sometime after 2 AM, which meant that I was in no way ready to be awake when the boys trooped upstairs well before 8 this morning.  Ended up taking a snooze on the couch late this morning while the boys played around me.

Woke up famished and groggy.  Made the questionable decision to install the privacy film on the powder room door; got three panes covered, but ruined $15 worth of film in the process.  Now I need to go to Home Depot for another roll, but just don’t feel like it.  #2 is sleeping next to me as I type; he’s got the right idea, I think.

I hate weekends when I don’t get much accomplished.  It makes the workweek loom extra-large.