The world according to #2

We all enjoyed #2’s parent-teacher conference last evening.  We sat at the tiny tables in his 4k classroom and talked about what he’s been doing in school, what he likes best, the progress he’s made.  His teacher is pleased with his efforts, and enjoys having him in her class.

At the end, he asked if we were going to start the conference!  Apparently he thought it was some other, very serious thing, not the lovely chat he enjoyed so much.

We emerged to a dead car battery.  The kind AAA man gave us a jump, after carefully cleaning off an absurd amount of corrosion on one of the battery terminals.  We got home so late, it’s a good thing there is no school today!   #2 took advantage of the lazy morning to catch up on his reading.

Kicking back with a book

  1. And how could he be anything but a stellar student, and charming to boot, having you as a mother!

    • He is still working on some things, like expressing anger and frustration verbally (as opposed to getting all growly and vibratey like the Hulk). But he’s a good reader, and his writing is coming along, and he loves school.

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