I would like to start posting more regularly.

Because I love having a record of what I’ve been up to.

Like, for example, when construction began on the wall to enclose our first floor hallway powder room.

Three years ago.

As I explained at the time, I had to call a halt because the FIL had instructed the carpenters to put the wall in the wrong place – too far out, making the bathroom more spacious but the stairwell too close for comfort, just where the run ends and you have to turn left to exit into the living room. It worked for the FIL, a smallish fellow, but for largish me? No way, no how.

The carpenter didn’t want to cross the FIL, and I didn’t want to cross the carpenter, but I really needed the wall to be in the right place. The powder room is a convenience that gets occasional use.  The stairway is used a gazillion times each day. I didn’t want to feel squished every time I went up or down the stairs.

I sent the carpenter home, figuring I’d catch my breath and sort things out after the dust had settled, maybe later in the week.

And somehow three years went by. During which time we used a shower curtain in lieu of wall/door.

No longer! Work, performed by the eminently sensible D., began yesterday. The old wall framing is gone, replaced by new, in just the right place. The very place I’d marked on the wall three years ago.

With luck, by the end of the day we’ll have a wall and a door! This door:

French door

And this light fixture:
It complements the hardware on the wee, wall-mounted Duravit sink I chose so carefully more than three years ago.

And for the first time ever, I’ll be able to go into my powder room AND CLOSE THE DOOR.

  1. Yeah for privacy in the bathroom. The first summer we were married, Hamish and I lived in a studio that had NO door on the bathroom. Don’t know why we didn’t hang something up there, but we just suffered through.

  2. We actually did the same for a few months, until my SIL pointed out how silly that was, and brought over a tension rod.

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