I have a problem.

With food.

And with recipes.

When I started using e-mail – lo, these many years ago – I began to build an archive of recipes. At first, I’d type in new ones, learned from friends or torn from magazines. And then, as the internet evolved, I’d just copy and paste them into an e-mail, so that I could view them from anywhere.

I now have 1874.

One thousand, eight hundred and seventy-four.

Of which I’ve probably cooked maybe 100. And yet, I’m as apt to Google if I need one. What is up with that?

On a separate but related note, I entered a contest to design a new hoagie. The official “With Love” hoagie. It’s a gimmick cooked up by philly.com/food, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, and Primo Hoagies.

I figured if love is involved, it needs to be less of a fat/calorie bomb than the typical Philly-style meal. Hence, the Heart-Healthy Hoagie!*


  • Low-salt ham
  • Grilled chicken
  • Eggplant
  • Sharp provolone
  • Pesto sauce


Spread pesto sauce on hoagie roll. Layer on grilled chicken, eggplant, sharp provolone and ham.

Serve with a side of marinated mushrooms.



*Okay, it’s not truly health food.  But – marketing!

    • I want to go home and make one! Which would mean stopping at the market. Which… I probably won’t do til tomorrow or Saturday.

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