Midweek miscellany

Does Thursday still count as midweek?  Since Monday was a holiday for the boys, and for 87% of my office building, it feels midweeky to me.  So there.

It’s cool and grey today.  My suede boots are making their first appearance of the season.

On Sunday my pal J. and I got our Groupon on at a new salon.  A spa pedicure with scrubs and lotions and hot stones and massage, and then a UV manicure.  I really use my hands, so regular polish just doesn’t last for me; plus I’m picky about how polish looks – even small nicks drive me bonkers.  Amazingly, four days in, my fingers look damn good (if I do say so myself).  At the rate it’s going, new growth will be more of an issue than damage to the tips.  Wow.
UV manicure
Glittery nude pink (the glitter explains the wee green spots on the image, above). Neutral, but fun!

I am not as fall-asleep-at-my-desk exhausted today as I was yesterday, but am not exactly a ball of energy, either.  How early do I need to go to bed in order to feel rested and refreshed at 6 AM?  How early do YOU go to bed to get enough sleep?

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