Tab fatigue

I love browsers with multiple tabs.  Problem is, I love them a little too much.  I have so many tabs up that their icons don’t display.  In not one but two windows.  This must change.  Therefore:

  • Who are the 99%?  They aren’t demanding to bring democracy into the workplace via large-scale unionization, much less shorter work days and more pay.  They aren’t talking the language of mid-twentieth century liberalism, where everyone puts on blindfolds and cuts slices of pie to share.  The 99% looks too beaten down to demand anything as grand as “fairness” in their distribution of the economy.  There’s no calls for some sort of post-industrial personal fulfillment in their labor – very few even invoke the idea that a job should “mean something.”  It’s straight out of antiquity – free us from the bondage of our debts and give us a basic ability to survive.
  • The Mixed-Race Project.
  • I heart Neil Gaiman, who now has a tumblr to go with his blog and his tweets.  “I think there should be an Occupy Gallifrey. “Because 0.000001% of the people have 99.99999% of the Time.”
  • Good wine under $20.
  • There is a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Philadelphia!
  • When I was a child, we had a doorway puppet theatre that mounted easily with a tension rod.  This is sweeter.
  • Whole Paycheck now posts coupons on their website.
  • Ideas for displaying art in the bathroom.  Between now and Thanksgiving, we will finally complete our first floor powder room, which has been plumbed in for two years, but has a shower curtain where a wall/door should be.  When it’s done, I’d like it to be beautiful.
  • Another cool decorating idea – DIY giant Scrabble tiles.
  • I love this fabric, but have no use for it whatsoever.
  • I love Michael Lewis and baseball and Bob Costas, so I want to watch this.  Wonder if it’s available on demand?
  • I hate flossing.  Would flossing with air be better?  Or is that really just a bastardized Waterpik?
  • How to help your child’s brain grow up strong.
  • I have some furniture that needs to be recovered.  I have fantasies of doing it myself.
  • I also have fantasies of having a perfectly clean house.  Sigh.
  • Yes, I do suffer from decision fatigue.  It’s almost as bad as the tab fatigue.







  1. cath c said:

    totally get this.

    especially the spoonflower problem. i am a spoonflowerholic, yet cannot thread a sewing machine.

    re: your powder room: you should see the landscaping plan in my head. it looks nothing like my actual front decorative gardens nor my veg gardens and non-existent patio with social seating and fire pit out back.

  2. anguinea said:

    i am a bookmark-a-holic and have absorbed your links into my hoard.

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