Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.

Seven years ago tonight I was trying to watch the season premiere of Without a Trace.

I was in the hospital, having given birth to #1 earlier in the day.  He was off lounging in the tanning bed receiving phototherapy for mild jaundice.  The spousage had gone home to get a full night’s sleep, which I sorely needed myself, having been awake more or less for four days at that point (ever since my water broke late Sunday night).

As I recall, the episode began with a steamy scene between two of the characters, but even that couldn’t keep me awake.  I slept soundly for an hour or two until a nurse returned my wee son to me, all five pounds and a few ounces of him.

He was such a beautiful baby – big eyes, round head, a whisper of dark, downy hair.  And now he’s a beautiful boy.  Still has big eyes.

If the Jesuit saying holds true, he’ll be a fine man, I think.  Smart, yes, but kind, too.  Cautious but enthusiastic.  Generous and affectionate.  Occasionally impatient, but deeply ethical.

It is both a great challenge a great pleasure to be his mother.  Seven years ago, I had no idea how much, of either.  I think we are both looking forward to the next seven!

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  1. Happy birthday to your son, a few days late. Smart, kind, cautious, enthusiastic, generous, affectionate, ethical. Sounds like a delicious recipe to me.

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