Yes, mateys, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Arr.

I am so sleepy this morning!  I’m still suffering the tail end of The Cold That Wouldn’t Die, so I indulged in a little Nyquil last night.  While I slept like a log, I’d really prefer to have continued doing so long after the alarm sounded.

I did get in nearly a mile’s walk this morning, through an odd series of events that began when I pulled over on Broad Street to grab some Windex at 7-11 (the inside of the windshield was so smeary that, coupled with the bright, bright rising sun, it was nearly impossible to see).  Mom Phooey didn’t hear me say I’d be right back, and drove away with my handbag and laptop in the trunk of the car.  I assumed she’d just gone around the block, but after 20+ minutes, I began to wonder.  My cell phone was in my handbag in the trunk, so I cadged a call from the 7-11 guy, but Mom didn’t answer her cell.   It was a lovely day, so I walked east to my office, stopping at my favorite food cart for a breakfast sandwich.  About the time I was sitting down at my desk, Mom Phooey called.  She was downstairs with my laptop.  When she got home, she saw my stuff and realized I hadn’t meant for her to drive off.

And now I’m working on a proposal for a government agency (can’t tell you which one, but it rhymes with rasa), and all I want to do is put my head down on the desk and nap.

  1. anguinea said:

    hahaha! at least it was a nice day. :p

  2. Ohhhh nooooooooo. Curses–and other pirate-like expletives.

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