It’s that time again

#1’s birthday is coming up.

Regular readers will know what this means.  I’ve broken out the spreadsheets.

I have a list of supplies needed/purchased, with quantities, prices and costs per item (for my own info).

We’re doing pencils in lieu of sugary treats, some with a birthday message, and others with his class’s self-chosen moniker, The Thunder Thinkers (he was a Smart Owl in 4k, and a Respectful Learner last year).  Oh, and an assortment of pencil grips and eraser tops.

One I confirm the number of kids in his first grade class, I can figure out how many pencils each child gets, and I’ll know how much ribbon I need (this in case the pencils won’t fit in the sparkly pillow boxes I found on clearance at Oriental Trading; I can always repurpose those for another event).

Plans are still coalescing for his party, but we have a guest list, and I’ve ordered paper cups, plates and napkins, and party favors.  And trick candles!  If he goes along with my tie dye activity idea, I’ll only need those supplies and we’ll be ready to go.  I’ll bake the cupcakes on the day; we are still discussing flavors.  And colors.

Rainbow cupcake

Yes, I should be doing work instead of party planning.  But this is so much more fun!

And doing this stuff helps me to forget that I have no idea what his present/s should be.  Maybe this?

I still can’t figure out how I became a person with a 7-year-old child.

  1. I absolutely vote for the Root Vue farm. In fact, I’d like one myself. Perhaps this is the reason you have a seven year old child: so you can have a Root Vue farm of your own. May I borrow him?

  2. Btw, those cupcakes are grotesque, but I bet the kids love them.

  3. cathy said:

    insanely vivid cupcakes! they must have magical powers of some kind. 😀

  4. Jessica said:

    Love the cupcakes!

  5. Nancy said:

    those cupcakes give me (fun) college flashbacks.

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