Fear of a female planet

Why are religious groups so afraid of other religious groups, of people who are less religious, or who profess no religion at all?  Is it because they fear the weakness of their own faith?

Or is it because they are dominated by men who fear women?

Like the Catholics who don’t want women in the priesthood.  Like the Muslims who want women obscured from head to toe.  Like the Jews who don’t want even modestly-dressed girls playing outside their school where males might see them.

Why bother sending them to school at all? Keep them where they belong.  Under cover.  Inside.  Marginalized.

Wigs, long skirts, high necklines, burqas,  these are for your benefit, men, not ours.  Honestly, guys, learn to keep it in your pants and to play nicely with others, and let the rest of us go to school, play outside, wear what we want, be what we want.

Oh, and earn equal pay for equal work.  That, too.


[Don’t even get me started about this.]


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