Tab-closing, the serious edition

  • Charge individuals and small businesses more, and big businesses less?  When did the tea party take control of PECO?
  • $3 fees to use my debit card for purchases?  It’ll be a cold day in hell before I pay that.  It’s a credit union, or making some room under my mattress, if my bank tries that in PA.
  • Remind me why the Democrats took the best healthcare solution off the table before the debate really even began?
  • “If the US had better and more medical coverage, people like Rick Perry could get treatment instead of working in the few venues that will have him (media, politics, religious cult) and dragging innocent citizens down with him. In the past crazy people used to have to take over a much smaller country such as Germany or Uganda to do this kind of damage.”
    – Rhoda Staff on HuffPo

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