Mid-morning misc.

  • BBC program Spooks (known in the US as MI 5) will end after its next series, set to air this fall.  I loved the first few seasons, with Matthew MacFadyen’s Tom Quinn center stage, but then fell behind after #1 was born.  I’ve never seen the Rupert Penry-Jones eps, for example.  Somehow it feels easier to catch up now that there’s an ending in sight.
  • Nivea Happy Sensation Daily Lotion smells lovely.  Like orange blossoms.  Light and not too sweet.
  • IT had my computer for quite a while this morning, to install some software and make sure yesterday’s hour+ BSOD downtime doesn’t happen again.  I took the opportunity to clean out my handbag.  Found an H&M gift card I’ve had since #2 was born (returned a baby gift, IIRC) more than four years ago.  I’m still holding a grudge since they stopped carrying my size, so I gave it to a coworker, who was thrilled.  $19.95 still goes a long way at H&M.
  • I also found many lottery tickets, which I sometimes buy but never pay attention to afterward.  I’ll have them scanned on the way home – maybe I hit a number or two here and there, though sadly not Wednesday’s $220M jackpot.
  • I love NPR, and I love Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, but I do not love this.  It’s a little creepy.  I’d rather just have his voice on my answering machine.
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  1. LOL @ the idea of a little floating Carl Kasell head on my couch. Funny!

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